UPDATE: I've been redeveloping nemp3 from the ground up for multiple artists and users, and have an updated version available online at nemp3.app. So whether you're a musician or music fan, please sign up and help me improve it!

Welcome to my experimental music payment portal, which currently lets you buy my latest album using the NEM cryptocurrency and blockchain. You could call it an MVP at this point, the eventual idea being to offer a download pay portal for creative artists, able to sell music, books, software etc., and be remunerated directly and automatically.

If you'd like to try selling your own digital creations, you can download the app on GitHub.

Feel free to play around with the testnet version.

Beyond the Outer Loop
Aura Materia • 2017

Cat.: AURA006 • Download format: mp3 V0 VBR • Price: 132.52 XEM (~$8.00 USD)

To begin, please enter your email address (don't worry, I don't save this, or any other data from you. It's only used to create your own unique ID to verify your payment.)


Why do you need my email address?

At the moment your email address is solely used to provide you with a unique ID. This ID is included with your payment as a transaction message, and so is publicly available on the NEM blockchain. The app checks the blockchain for this ID, and on successfully finding it, checks you have paid enough before serving up a download button for you.

Can someone see my email address on the blockchain?

No, your email address is hashed using the SHA-256 cryptographic function, and cannot be resolved from the ID hash on the blockchain transaction. The resulting hash is truncated down to 32 characters to minimise transaction fees (in NEM each transaction is currently a minimum of 1 XEM, plus another 1 XEM for every 32 characters used in a message).

Where can I buy some XEM?

The larger exchanges such as Bittrex or Poloniex would be the most cost effective, though XEM is usually traded against Bitcoin, so you would need to either purchase or trade currency for Bitcoin first, then trade it for XEM.

If you would rather just buy a small amount of XEM quickly with USD using your credit/debit card, you could try a service like Changelly, though this may come at the price of larger fees. In all cases, it will be more cost effective exchanging a larger single sum than multiple smaller sums.

According to Bittrex, 1 XEM is currently worth 522 Satoshis, or about $0.06 USD.

I've not used NEM before – which wallet should I use?

There are two official wallets, a browser-based desktop client called Nano Wallet, and an Android/iOS Mobile Wallet. More information on both can be found on the NEM site.

What if I lose my download?

You can return to this app at any time to receive another download. You just need to enter the email address you originally used, as your ID will match your original purchase on the blockchain. This app uses no databases, and stores no user data.

The app is, however, very much an experiment in constant flux, so there is a chance future implementations will change how transactions are hashed (e.g. if I add passwords, email receipts, baskets, product databases), and so may make past retrievals impossible.

This is pretty cool! Can I send you a tip?

Thank you – I'd be more than happy to receive a tip. All you need do is make a payment as usual, omitting the message ID if you don't need or want a download.